• Our Mission

    cTo assist women heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
    cTo provide a safe environment for this healing to take place.
    cTo provide guidance and support necessary that will help them move past their disease-based behaviors and reach forward into living in dignity.
    cTo provide drug education workshop, life skills and vocational education to our community.

  • Our Philosophy

    Magnolia Women's Recovery Program and its staff are dedicated to assisting pregnant and postpartum women overcome substance abuse addictions, and let go of the shame, blame, self-loathing and other dysfunctional behaviors that often accompany addiction.

  • Our Purpose

    We are committed to educating our clients, their children, family members, and community on the various illegal drugs that are destroying our community. We want to empower our clients to reclaim control of their lives, and prepare the way for their families.

  • Our Promise

    To be able to provide the highest-caliber service to our clients, and to fund outreach services, we need your help. Take a look in your garage, attic, or anywhere you may be storing items you aren't using but could make a huge difference to us for our Wish List. You can make a tax-deductible donation through Paypal or send a check or money order directly to MWRP. We thank you for your time and consideration in making our community a stronger, safer place to live.