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Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs Inc., is a not for-profit organization committed to educating our clients, their children, family members, and others on the various illegal drugs that are destroying our community. In 2013 we successfully expanded to two locations that provide a comfortable and completely furnished residential facility for pregnant and postpartum women and women with children. Daily programs are offered to empower our women to reconnect with their lives and families.

The fragrance of a flowering Magnolia tree is far reaching and flowing. Magnolia Women's Recovery Program is designed to bring forth the qualities that swell deep within the souls of each woman who comes to Magnolia for support: the essence of love, compassion and beauty. As each woman experiences the fragrance of MWRP, she has an opportunity to remove any blocks or hindrances that have interfered with her connection to these core aspects of herself. Magnolia's treatment approach helps her address these interruptions and reaquaint herself with her inner essence of love, compassion and beauty, allowing her to feel the vibrations of these positive emotions once again.

Our Goals


        To help women heal physically, emotionally and spiritually

        To provide a safe environment for this healing to take place

        To assist pregnant and postpartum women overcome substance abuse and addictions.

Program Highlights


       Drug Education/Relapse Prevention

       Clinician Therapy

       Case Management


​Supportive Workshops:


        Life Skills/Relationship Building

        Parenting Skills

        Expressive (Art) Therapy

        Domestic Violence/Trauma

        Anger Management

        Nutrition Workshop



        Create Individual treatment plans to address the issues of life development and addiction

        Provide Psychiatric / PTSD Evaluations to support positive behaviors

        Provide Individual / Family Counseling to assist our clients in working on their issues and roadblocks to good health and success

        Facilitate monthly community based lectures and workshops on various support topics

       Teach cognitive and behavioral techniques that facilitate lifestyle changes for healthy-living and decision-making

2003 - 2015 Major Accomplishments

Total Clients 350

Entered Pregnant and had healthy births

100 Percent

Family Renunifications

100 percent

Living Successfully

73 percent

(i.e. sustaining housing, no police arrest; completed probation or parole; closed CPS cases; employed, and furthering education.