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 Women's Recovery Programs, Inc.

Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs Inc., is a not for-profit organization committed to educating our clients, their children, family members, and others on the various illegal drugs that are destroying our community. Daily programs are offered to empower our women to reconnect with their lives and families..

Magnolia seeks to reconnect our women to their individual essence of love, compassion, and beauty. Magnolia women learn to walk in dignity, restore their families and become contributing members of the community.



WHEN: Saturday, March 31, 2018
WHERE: Pinot’s Palette Alameda,
South Shore Center
3 doors down from Starbuck’s on
the beach side of the mall
TIME: 1:00-3:30pm
COST: $49 per person -
Proceeds benefit Magnolia

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" Magnolia taught me that there is a better life out there and that I can recover. The amazing Staff gave me the support I needed to initiate a healthy lifestyle through recovery. Magnolia was and still is a beautiful blessing for me and any other women in need. "

"Since I've been here it's been a privilege to be able to get to know the staff and be able to interact with them as well as with the other clients who live here. Only being here for a month and a half I would have to say I am truly blessed and thankful to have gained all that I have so far."

"I learned the most important lesson in life the hard way. Magnolia is my catalyst in finding out the difference between having a good day from a bad day, I had to shift my attitude and make decisions and stick to it. They helped me change my life."