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Founder | Executive Director

Dr. Linda Steward, EdD / MFTI

Dr. Linda Stewart, was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon up to the age of 13 when her parents relocated to San Francisco, CA. She completed high school in the year 1970. Her first job was as a 411 Operator for Pacific Bell and it was during her 18 year employment that she married and had two children. Dr. Stewart is the founder and Executive Director of Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs, a residential treatment facility located in Hayward and Oakland, California. She has a Doctorate and Masters in Counseling Psychology (MFTI) in the field of Counseling Psychology. Dr. Stewart has worked in the field of substance abuse and mental health for 18 years and discovered that there was a lack in services for women and women with children who suffered from these disorders. In 2003, she had an opportunity to open a program specifically to service this population. She has developed a treatment model that helps the women address the various issues that have contributed to their addiction. Her hobbies are oil painting, jewelry design, travel and being a grandmother of four children